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Next Ford Focus getting longer, wider

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The next Ford Focus is going to get even bigger. We know that, not because new cars are almost always bigger than those they replace, but because we actually have a round of spy photos supporting it.

This car's body is stretched, with extra material in the body to compensate for the larger platform underneath. There's a prominent line that runs down the middle of the car and another that runs perpendicular to it on the roof, and down to each rear wheel arch. Similar bits can be spotted on the front and rear bumpers.

These are dead giveaways that Ford has grafted multiple bits of sheetmetal together. And if you need further proof of that, take a look at the windows – the windshield, rear quarter windows, and hatch window don't quite fit. There are noticeable gaps at the edges of each, as Ford's mule team has tried to make them fit.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all we know right now. We don't doubt that when the next Focus arrives – probably some point late next year or early in 2018 – it'll be with a range of EcoBoost engines, probably with three- and four-cylinder options. Stay tuned.

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