Rimac teases 'evil twin' of Concept_One

Before tomorrow's unveiling, we lighten up a picture of TheEvilTwin.

Tomorrow, Rimac Automobili will lift the sheet from the production version of its expensive Concept_One at the Geneva Motor Show. But, we knew that. What we were less aware of was the presence of an evil twin, which will also make its debut.

This morning, the Croatian company teased a photo on its Facebook page of a mystery vehicle shrouded in glossy black, hash tagged TheEvilTwin. As you can see in the image above, we took the opportunity to subject the pic to some manipulation in hopes of revealing some secrets.

Going by the headlights, the signature cravat-shape down on the side, and the overall contours, we think it's safe to assume this "twin" is based heavily on the Concept_One, but with a new aerodynamics package integrated into the design. What remains to be seen is the depth of the difference.

Will this be just a slightly more sinister face to add downforce to what is already an incredibly powerful electric drivetrain (1,088 horsepower!), or are there more surprises in store? You can tune in tomorrow for all the answers, but if you want a little more Rimac goodness to tide you over until then, check out the short video the outfit released today, discussing its original electric supercar. We will have all the goods from Geneva in just a few hours. Stay tuned.

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