A Los Angeles man made a startling confession on camera on the morning of February 23. The man, who gave his name only as Jose, approached a Fox11 camera crew that was covering a deadly early morning crash in Los Angeles' Lincoln Heights neighborhood.
"We were drinking. Record it", he told the startled news crew. As the crew filmed, Jose told the anchor his story. He claimed that after a night of drinking, he and his cousin Juan headed for home with Juan at the wheel. After a few minutes, Juan stopped "in the middle of the freeway" and told Jose to take the wheel instead.

"He was drunk already, and I told him I couldn't drive, so he made me drive", Jose said while the camera crew caught his confession. "And he made me drive, and I told him I couldn't drive."

Soon after he started driving, Jose lost control of the car and crashed into a light pole on Broadway. Unaware that the crash had killed his cousin, Jose told the news team that he left the crash scene to get help. When he returned, he found the first-responders and news team already on the scene.

After his rambling confession, Jose asked how his cousin was doing, still unaware that Juan was dead. Once his impromptu interview concluded, the responding Los Angeles Police officers took over. They informed Jose of his cousin's death, gave him a field sobriety test, and arrested him.

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