Plane crash-lands on California street and hits cars

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

A plane crashed on a surface street in Pacoima, CA on Monday, taking out several cars in the process. Security cameras caught the moment a small fixed-wing aircraft careened into multiple parked cars before skidding to a stop in the middle of North San Fernando road. The airplane appeared to be heading to nearby Whiteman Airport before hitting the ground Monday afternoon.

The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene shortly after the plane hit. Incredibly, there were no serious injuries to the pilot. Margaret Stewart, a spokesperson for the fire department, told KTLA that the pilot was very fortunate to have survived the crash landing while avoiding hitting pedestrians or occupied cars.

"This is about as best-case scenario as this type of situation could be," she said. The pilot was the only individual in the plane at the time. It is currently unclear what caused the crash, though Tim Lynn, a reporter for Sky5 who was near enough to hear the plane crash unfold, said it sounded like the airplane's engines had stalled.

The plane is a fixed-wing, single-engine Mooney aircraft from Oregon. This isn't the first time a crash has occurred near Whiteman Airport. Just over a year ago, another small plane went down, killing the pilot, KTLA reported.

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