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The car that got away...

We all have cars that we know we shouldn't have sold, but had to.

Interesting enough, I've thought about this article for most of my life, because I've had to hear about the one that should have never been sold for most of my life. I remember seeing pictures of a perfectly kept, orange Boss 302 that my dad drove around, raced and eventually sold. He had trophies the size of a toddler that he won with that beast of a car and due to family obligations had to part ways. He would never truly mean it, but would certainly joke about it, that the blame should fall squarely on my older brother for us missing out on the joy rides and roaring sounds of that beautiful engine. My dad, being a young father, had to sacrifice his true obsession in order to provide for my mother and brother and so, he sold the Boss for a couple of grand and has kicked himself ever since.

It's not that my dad hates the fact that it would now be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, no I'm sure that has sank in a long time ago, I think what really bothers him about the loss of his cherished Boss is that he never got to share the joy, the power and let's face it, the prestige of owning one of the greatest muscle cars with his boys. He still gripes about it from time to time, however the pain he feels isn't unique just to him, we've all been in his regretful shoes...

My brother is a car guy for sure, however he has always leaned towards trucks as his main mode of transportation. He constantly went through car after car as a teenager and young adult, however the one vehicle that stuck, the one he would tell you he should have never sold was an old Chevy Silverado that to him, represented not only utility, but freedom to explore the world. He was, and still is big into motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and that truck allowed him to take his chosen activities anywhere he wanted. Like my dad, the truck had to be sold, and once the truck was sold, gone were the motorcycle races and jet ski afternoons. I'm sure he regrets selling that old 1980s truck, but unlike my dad, I'm sure he could find another one at a reasonable price at some point.

It must run in the family, because I certainly regret selling my sweetheart of a car. The 84 GTI was a thing of beauty, I learned how to drive in that car, it was fast, so I won some races in that car, we pulled some serious pranks and used her as our getaway car, fond memories for sure, but like my father and brother, I parted ways. I've kicked myself quite regularly about selling her for 500 bucks, but at the time, I needed the cash and it helped me get a safe, secure car that I could drive for years to come. For me, the car was beaten and battered and eventually became a hazard to drive. That rationale made it easy to forget the blunder until I got older, had more disposable income and ultimately transformed into my old man, complaining to my kids about the car I used to have.

The one thing for certain is that I plan on finding another Mk1 GTI before that little hot hatch becomes too expensive to afford, and unless my dad has squirrled away a fortune somewhere, he will never be able to reconnect with that special car. We've all been there, the car we should have never sold, these are just my family stories, I'm interested in learning about others' stories and how you might have rectified the mistake. What car did you part ways with? Do you have plans to find a similar ride some day?

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