The 2016 BMW M4 GTS sounds so good

Critics and those hopelessly in love with the limited-edition, juiced-up 2016 BMW M4 GTS will both concede that water injection isn't a new technology, but it has also never been used on a production car with an intercooler before. It's traditionally been the realm of highly-tuned supercharged piston aircraft engines and some jets, although some pre-intercooler cars used the system as well.

All that history sets the scene, but the M4 GTS steals it. Carfection takes a close, loving look at all the little details that set this BMW and its novel water-injection system apart from a typical M4, which it should be noted is no slouch at all. While it's DCT-only, it puts out 493 hp (a full 68 hp more than a normal M4).

The example Carfection examines is painted in the available Frozen Dark Grey, with lovely 19- and 20-inch snowflake-style alloys set off in a color known as Acid Orange. Don't miss the startup and revving. The M4 GTS breathes through a titanium exhaust system, and it sounds monumental.

As we mentioned in the reveal piece, this is a very limited-production vehicle. 700 will be built, and only 300 will make it to the States – and only 30 in the UK, where Carfection is based. Enjoy the video above.

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