People with good memories might remember Savant Young and his highly modified 1973 Mazda RX-3 from an appearance on Jay Leno's Garage last summer. Now Petrolicious spotlights him and learns more about his amazing rotary coupe. After extensive upgrades, his car packs an estimated 400 horsepower, which is especially potent with only around 2,000 pounds to move around.

Young thinks his Mazda is a perfect expression of his personality as a martial artist because it offers no frills and is all about business. This coupe looks ready for a fight, too, and sounds like a swarm of angry bees going down the road.

Young works hard during the week but makes time to drive the RX-3 every weekend. We can understand why. A few hours enjoying this rotary could definitely erase some stress. Get a taste of this amazing machine in Petrolicious' latest video. If you want to experience another cool rotary, the channel profiled an RX-2 racecar from Australia last month.

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