Watch the other new Top Gear host rap about a Rolls-Royce

The rebooted Top Gear revealed its full slate of new co-hosts last week, complete with a lineup of names and faces we know – and one we don't. That's Rory Reid, the one new host chosen from public auditions. Though most of us many never have seen his face or heard his voice, he's not new to reviewing cars on video.

In addition to hosting automotive videos for CNET and Sky television, Reid is also automotive editor for a British video series called Recombu. Most of the reviews he's done for the YouTube channel are pretty straightforward, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of whatever he's driving – from a Bentley Continental GT Speed or Range Rover Sport SVR to a Mini JCW or Peugeot 308 GTI. But when it came to the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rory was evidently moved to take things in a different (and original) direction.

Instead of simply describing the luxury sedan as most automotive journalists would, Reid rapped about it. The result is a pretty novel take on the usual car review, and no doubt helped him secure the spot on the revived BBC program alongside the likes of Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc, and of course the Stig. See for yourself in the video above, and check out his other reviews in the playlist below.

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