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Life is full of surprises. Since we are born we are faced with surprises, but what I say since we are born, since the dawn of age life is full of surprises. Let's just say that Alfred Nobel hasn't thought that discovering dynamite will create such a chaos in the world, yet the Nobel Prize is a heritage of that discovery. Furthermore the steam power took people by surprise with its vast array of applications and it changed the course of human life. In the auto industry surprises are more linked with performance, sells numbers and more with design. Performance surprises comes once in awhile when supercars are built and fascinates car enthusiasts with their speed, with their 0-100 km/h and back to 0 time, with their power. In terms of design every new car surprises us, some more some less and sometimes new designs gives us nightmares.

Today's design trend is to have a car that selling numbers are high or is an icon to the manufacturer and that car will be a trendsetter for all cars in manufacturer portfolio. I don't know why this became a rule but it seems that all manufacturers adopted it, maybe its related to money saving or building as many cars as possible.

In my opinion this is not a good idea, some cars just lost their DNA their heritage and this is what just happened with the new Mercedes E-Class, which surprised me. E-Class had its own characteristics, its own personality and you couldn't mistake it. It's four individual headlights defined the E Class from the beginning until now, until they decided to merge the new E-Class design with new Mercedes design philosophy. Is it OK?. No it's not. Why? Well let's just say that we have a brand new car, with a new interior (inspired by the new S and C class), with new technologies( that surprisingly are missing from the S-Class), with new engines, but with a design so close to S- and C-Class that it will be very hard to make a difference between them. If the design doesn't make it to stand out from the rest of the cars, what else? Engine? Most of the people will buy diesel engines that doesn't count for performance, just for fuel economy. Interior? Well, interior it's just for your comfort and yes it is a beautiful lovely interior, but let's just face it is a mix of S-Class (dashboard) and C Class (central console). Gadgets? Yes. Gadgets will make this car to stand out. Remote parking (which won't be available in Europe), touch control steering wheel, two large screens will make this car hard to beat for the competitors. We will wait the AMG versions to appear to make from this pleasing looking car a beast.

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