The 1914 GN that Goodwood showcases in a new video might have the most beautiful engine ever made. This stupendous lump of metal is a prototype 1908 airplane engine from the British company JAP, and it looks like a sculpture sitting in the vintage car's wooden chassis.

The air-cooled engine features a gorgeous mix of undulating shapes, and the design leaves the mechanical parts exposed for anyone to see. Owner Richard Scaldwell believes this is the only running example of this engine in the world because the rest of them are in museums. It makes a wonderful clatter, too.

The GN is fun to look at, too, and we especially love its Cyclops headlight that stares out from the grille's center. According to Scaldwell, the century-old car is still easy to drive, and he even takes it on journeys to the south of France. Take a short ride in his amazing roadster in this video.

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