Employee stabbed with steak knife at GM Tech Center [UPDATE]

The victim is in critical condition with multiple stab wounds.

UPDATE 3: GM sent us the following statement, nothing that Didarul Sarder was not fired, just suspended pending an investigation of the facts. He returned to his job. "Didarul Sarder will return to his assigned position at the GM Tech Center on Monday. We understand that there were conflicting reports on his employment status with the valet vendor, but he was not terminated, just placed on paid suspension until the facts of the incident were investigated."

UPDATE 2: GM has confirmed to Autoblog that it has not fired the valet, 32-year-old Didarul Sarder, for brandishing his firearm to stop the alleged assault. Sarder isn't actually a GM employee, but works for an outside vendor. Again, we're following this story as it develops.

UPDATE: WXYZ, Detroit's ABC affiliate, reports that the 32-year-old valet driver who halted the attack was escorted off the property and fired. Autoblog has reached out to GM for additional comment.

An employee at the General Motors Tech Center in Warren, MI, was stabbed multiple times with a steak knife today after she was approached by another woman in the lobby of one of the sprawling facility's buildings. The employee is currently listed in critical condition at a local hospital and is undergoing surgery for wounds to her neck, abdomen, and back, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts told The Detroit News.

The incident occurred around 9:00 a.m. when a female visitor entered the facility and asked for an employee by name. The pair were speaking and then stepped outside, where the alleged assault took place. It was stopped by a valet driver with a concealed pistol license who brandished his weapon, Fouts said. Neither the victim nor her alleged assailant are being identified at this time.

"Had I been looking, I could have viewed this attack taking place. You just don't expect something like this to take place," Fouts, whose office sits directly across Van Dyke Avenue from the Tech Center, told The News. "It's unprecedented, unexpected, and unbelievable."

General Motors confirmed to The Detroit Free Press that the alleged attacker is in custody and that the company is cooperating with Warren Police. A full statement on the incident is expected later today.

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