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Open Road

Who is this guy?

Bob Holland: A Graphic Designer Who Suffers From Inflammatory Automotiveitis

I don't usually toot my own horn, but since I plan on doing a lot of posting here, I thought it might be in order to let folks know who I am, and where I'm coming from.

Those who used to follow Straightline, which was part of Inside Line over at, may remember me. I managed that site for roughly three years, before they decided to bring it in-house thanks to the global financial collapse back in '08. Prior to my Edmunds stint, I had an op-ed column called The Road Less Traveled over at SubDriven, a Subaru-centric website owned by Vortex Media Group. Both Straightline/Inside Line and SubDriven are now long gone – but I swear, it's not my fault! Being a long-time Subie guy (that's my WRX in the above pic), I've been active in various Subaru forums, most notably the Subaru Crew, first on Edmunds and now on Facebook.

My career has been spent in graphic design, mostly in higher education, health care, corporate, logo-identity design, etc., often referred to in the biz as "corporate and institutional design." I'm a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. I also taught graphic design at MICA part-time for over a dozen years, and have had my own graphic design business since 1990.

Soooo... my automotive interests are primarily concerned with current and future vehicles. I believe today's cars are the best and safest ever produced; there are very few dogs out there. I love tech and anything state-of-the-art. I love creative intelligent automotive design, and hate been-there-done-that boring stupid design. I love Euro-style trucks, not so much my-grille-is bigger-than-yours trucks. Exterior styling may get you inside a vehicle, but it's how the interior is laid out is what will keep you there. All things being equal, and for most people most of the time, nothing beats all-wheel drive. Yeah, I'm drunk on Subaru Kool Aid; but once an AWD owner, almost always a repeat buyer, so I rest my case. My '09 WRX 5-door Premium is my second one, and our sixth Subaru to date.

My plan for Open Road is to explore various design-engineering-marketing details of many vehicles. It will run the gamut from sports cars to farm equipment, and with a healthy dose of historical and anecdotal stuff thrown in too. Everything is on the table. Should be fun, if not interesting. Come along for the ride.

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