First used Tesla Model X offered with an $80k markup

Who Needs To Wait In A Pesky Waiting List, Anyway?

Tesla Motors Inc. Model X SUV Reveal
Tesla Motors Inc. Model X SUV Reveal / Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images
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One owner of a Tesla Model X just "realized" that he doesn't "really need" an SUV. An extra $81,000, though? Now that's another story altogether.

Someone with the screen name "stealth md" posted a very lightly used Model X on the online vehicle marketplace site Panjo. The basically brand-new EV is described as having 500 miles on it and no dents or scratches. It did gain one thing while the owner had it: a price bump. While the original MSRP on the vehicle was $134,200, the seller is looking to flip this Model X for a cool $215,000.

Granted, the car, which is a Signature Edition model, does have a lot of stuff on it, including autopilot, a third-row of seats and the "subzero" weather package. It's also a groovy shade of red and has the Black Nappa Leather interior option. Stealth md did not say if the Ludicrous Mode option is included.

While the exact number is a moving target, there tens of thousands of people on the waiting list for the Model X. While this listing isn't cheap, it does gives an extremely flush person the chance to jump to the front of the line real quickly.

For those who would want to load up a Model X with all the bells and whistles possible from Tesla Motors, the top-of-the-line vehicle would be priced at about $150,000, or about $70,000 more than the base version. Tesla first came out with the pricing details on the Model X in November, and the California-based automaker sold 208 of them during the fourth quarter of 2015.

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