Saab-powered Ford is the most unlikely drift car we've seen

Yes, you read that headline correctly. It's supposed to be a Saab-powered Ford, and not the other way around (although we fully support the notion of a Sonnet with a Flathead V8). Apparently, some lunatic in the UK took an ass-less 1953 Ford Anglia, paired it with a turbocharged Saab engine, and tuned the entire thing to go drifting. We like it.

Called Urchfab, it's the subject of Carfection's (the blokes formerly known as XCar) latest video. Aside from looking like an extra from the British version of Mad Max, it has a problem with grip, in that there's just too much of it. This car is a fabber's dream, as we get to see its unnamed owner fashion new bits and bobs for the suspension before having an unfortunate encounter with a wall at Castle Combe.

You can check out the full video up at the top of the page for a closer look at this monstrous Anglia.

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