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Jeremy Clarkson admits to tampering with Reliant Robins

Top Gear faked a lot of stuff over the years. A lot. Understanding this was key to enjoying the program, even though it wasn't always that easy to tell when something was done intentionally. But seriously, is anyone shocked to hear that Jeremy Clarkson's entire Reliant Robin stunt was faked?

Apparently some people were, as the British press has been railing against the former Top Gear host after he revealed the entire skit was faked. You know, because the full race seat and roll cage, or the fact that Clarkson kept rolling near British celebrities, on cricket pitches, or through a BBC broadcast wasn't obvious enough. Come on, people.

"A normal Reliant Robin will not roll unless a drunken rugby team is on hand. Or it's windy." Clarkson wrote in his most recent Sunday Times column. "But in a headlong drive to amuse and entertain, I'd asked the backroom boys to play around with the differential so that the poor little thing rolled over every time I turned the steering wheel."

"I'll be honest with you," Clarkson goes on. "I really like the Reliant Robin."

The TV personality goes on to explain that not only is he quite fond of the Robin – he calls it "brilliant to drive," pointing to the super-light steering and tiny footprint – but explains that partners James May, Richard Hammond, and Andy Wilman have their own three-wheelers. Of course, that doesn't mean the tiny cars from Staffordshire, England haven't kept their idiosyncrasies for the new Amazon employees.

Head over to The Sunday Times to see just how big an impact the Robin has had on the former Top Gear host and his colleagues. And for those that need a refresher, we've dug up the old clip and embedded it down below.

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