Mitsubishi kills CHAdeMO on upcoming Outlander PHEV

Automaker Cites Lack Of CHAdeMO-Compatable Stations

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Mitsubishi will be adding a number of features to its Outlander Plug-in Hybrid SUV when it introduces the model to the US this summer. It'll also be subtracting a CHAdeMO-standard fast-charging port. The Japanese automaker is saying there aren't enough compatible stations in the States to warrant it, so domestic drivers will have to settle for the SAE port for their fast-charging purposes.

Mitsubishi and Nissan are the two Japanese automakers that have been pushing hardest for CHAdeMO as a fast-charging standard. Many US and German automakers have been pushing the competing SAE Combo standard for fast-charging, but the charging station companies seem to be just as happy to install EVSEs with both ports on them.

Mitsubishi showed off an Outlander PHEV at a reception in advance of the North American Auto Show in Detroit starting this week, though the car won't be at the show itself. The place where the CHAdeMO port is usually placed was covered by a plastic plate, according to Automotive News. Mitsubishi Motors North America spokesman Alex Fedorak confirmed to Autoblog that the Outlander PHEV will make its US debut by late summer, and that it wouldn't have a CHAdeMO charging port.

The Outlander PHEV will start sales in August, and Mitsubishi is hoping the model's introduction will push Mitsubishi's US sales above the 100,000-vehicle threshold for the first time since 2007. The automaker has repeatedly delayed the US debut of the Outlander PHEV. While Mitsubishi hasn't released specifications, the model is likely to have better fuel efficiency and more power than its Japanese and European counterparts.

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