Aston Martin considers manufacturing cars in America

The British Company Also Considering Locations In UK and Middle East

Aston Martin is getting closer to determining where it will built its new assembly plant. An initial shortlist included 19 possible locations, and now the company has reportedly narrowed it down to just four – two in the UK, one in the Middle East, and one here in the United States. The decision, however, may be dictated as much by outside factors as it is by the automaker's own preferences.

The new plant is earmarked to handle production of the forthcoming new DBX. If Aston decides to build the crossover based on Mercedes underpinnings, it could opt to locate its assembly plant in the Southern United States to be close to the Alabama plant where Benz builds the GLE- and GLS-Class models. If Aston elects to build the DBX on its own chassis, it could open up a number of other options.

According to Reuters, that could include two potential sites in the United Kingdom and another in the Middle East. The British automaker was previously reported to be closely considering a former Royal Air Force base in Wales to build its plant with considerable government incentives. Jaguar's former Browns Lane plant in Coventry was also said to be in contention. But Reuters reports that an 80-acre plot just to the north of Coventry in the Sutton Coldfield area is also on the table.

Few details are known as to the potential Middle Eastern site, however the company is part owned by several Gulf-region shareholders. Although the largest portion of 39 percent is held by Italian holding company Investindustrial and 5 percent by Daimler, much of the remaining 56 percent is held by Kuwaiti investment companies. We don't doubt, then, that the oil-rich Persian Gulf state is in contention as well.

Aston Martin DBX Information

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