Car turns in its own driver for hit-and-run

A woman in Florida may have escaped prosecution for the accidents she caused last week if only her Ford hadn't called the cops on her.

Last Monday a woman from Port St. Lucie, FL, reported that a driver rear-ended her and then drove off. Around the same time Port St. Lucie police also received an automated call from a Ford vehicle. In newer Fords, the cars can contact local law enforcement in case of an accident. This car dialed 911 after its air bags deployed. Emergency responders called Cathy Bernstein, the owner of the vehicle. She told the dispatcher that she had also been hit and the driver had fled the scene. Then she insisted she was fine and hadn't hit anything with her car.

"Everything is fine. The guy that hit me, he did not turn and he rushed to the point that I could not control that," she told dispatch, according to the Daily Dot. When the 911 operator tried to clear up what happened she straight up denied that she had been in an accident. Police felt something was fishy and went to Bernstein's home to investigate. They found the Ford wasn't lying, but Bernstein's honesty was in doubt. Her car's air bag was deployed, it had a heavily damaged front end, and in the damaged area were flecks of silver paint that matched the hit-and-run victim's car.

Bernstein flip-flopped on her story several times, but after enough questioning she admitted to lying about the accident. She even admitted to causing a previous hit-and-run crash, and had actually been running from that scene when she hit the woman who reported her. Bernstein was taken to jail for leaving the scene of an accident.

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