Mysterious crash makes cars appear to jump

A video of a strange car crash in Xingtai, China last week left everyone who saw it scratching their heads. The mystery has been revealed, the Telegraph reports, but the video still seems other-worldly.

CCTV caught the bizarre accident as it occurred. In the video, traffic is flowing normally, until a minibus jumps into the air. Almost immediately afterwards another van and a car inexplicably appear to jump up and down. The video went viral last week and left commenters trying to figure out what caused the eerie crash. The first clue is the pedestrian in the lower left of the screen. He ran out into traffic with his hands up, attempting to stop the catastrophe. A black line is also barely visible in the video.

That line is a cable that became tangled in a street cleaning truck. It was stretched across the width of the road, but was invisible to incoming drivers. The helpful pedestrian was too late to stop the clothes-lining of multiple vehicles. Fortunately no one was injured in the crashes.

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