Question Of The Day: First-ever car ride?

Shameful Vehicle Or Cool Machine, There's Always A First Ride

It might have happened right after you were born, when they packed you up and took you home, or perhaps (if you were born in a non-car-centric place) it was years later. It might have been a Hindustan Motors Ambassador (in India), a Zaporozhets (in Russia), or a Honda Super Cub (anywhere in Southeast Asia). In my case, it was my father's 1956 Oldsmobile 88 Holiday Sedan on a freezing Minnesota winter morning, rusty and aging but still packing respectable power with its 324-cubic-inch Rocket V8.

Whatever or wherever it was, at some point, you rode in (or on) a motor vehicle for the first time. Perhaps it's something sufficiently cool that you wish you had now, or maybe it was a vehicle so embarrassing that you'd have happily pushed the "on" button that sent it into the car shredder. Either way, what was it?

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