Volvo wants to help Californians save water with dirty cars

Toward the end of October, Volvo announced the Driving Dirty Movement, complete with its own Twitter hastag, aimed at conserving water in drought-stricken California. The challenge asked residents to not wash their cars for a month, the figures showing that just one car-wash-less page on the calendar could save the state 18 million gallons of water.

Yet not everyone needed to get filthy to do their part: customers of Volvo San Diego could get a voucher for a recycled-water car wash instead of having the dealer do a traditional wash. Going even further, Steve Hinkle, president and GM of the dealership, said they wouldn't use water to clean customer cars but instead use "a waterless car cleaning solution" called Consciously Clean.

The response was enough to convince Volvo to take it wider, making Consciously Clean available for free at the San Diego dealership as of November 16, with nationwide Volvo dealers able to get stock from Volvo Cars North America. The two press releases below explain the movement and the response.

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Volvo Announces #DrivingDirty Movement, Asks Californians to Help Lessen Drought Impact

ROCKLEIGH, NJ (October 26, 2015) -- Volvo Cars today announced #DrivingDirty – a movement focused on water conservation in the midst of California's current drought. Inspired by the efforts of Steve Hinkle, President and GM of Volvo San Diego, Volvo is asking Californians and their neighbors to stop washing their cars for one month – potentially saving 18 million* gallons of water throughout the state.

Hinkle has been contributing to water conservation efforts for some time now, offering customers a voucher for a sustainable, recycled water carwash if they forgo their wash at his dealership.

In the spirit of #DrivingDirty, Volvo wants to take these efforts one step further. For the duration of the movement, Hinkle's dealership won't use any water to clean the cars on his lot, opting instead for a waterless car cleaning solution. Volvo estimates that Hinkle's efforts alone have the potential to save more than 108,000 gallons of water.

"Environmental sustainability is hugely important to Volvo, and we're excited to help inspire Californians to do their part during this terrible drought," said John Militello, Director, Marketing Innovation and Strategy, Volvo Cars of North America. "Whether you've got four cars in your garage or one – maybe you've got a bicycle, maybe you've got a motorcycle – Volvo hopes that you'll forgo your usual wash for the month of November, and start #DrivingDirty."

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13/11/15 - Volvo Cars today revealed Consciously Clean – a waterless car cleaning solution that will help Californians wash their cars in a sustainable way amidst the current drought.

The product follows Volvo's previously-announced initiative, #DrivingDirty, which challenged Californians and their neighbors to stop washing their cars for one month to potentially save 18 million* gallons of water throughout the state.

"We were inspired by the response to #DrivingDirty," said John Militello, Director, Marketing Innovation and Strategy, Volvo Cars of North America. "We saw many people asking how they could do more to support water conservation efforts. So, we decided to make Consciously Clean available to customers in California so they can continue supporting the environment – in a clean car - long after #DrivingDirty is over."

Consciously Clean will be available free of charge at Volvo San Diego starting November 16. Volvo dealers across the nation can reach out to Volvo Cars of North America to acquire stock for their respective dealerships.

For more information on #DrivingDirty and Consciously Clean, visit

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*Number based on 100,000 Californians abstaining from washing their cars in just one month. Sourced from the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency.

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