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Mercedes-AMG expands V12 engine production to Mannheim

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Mercedes-AMG may be downsizing some of its engines, but it hasn't given up on making V12s. In fact it has so much demand for them, and so little room to expand, that it is opening a new workshop at another location just to handle V12s. We take that as a good sign.

That new location is the Daimler factory in Mannheim, in southwestern Germany, which is already dedicated to engine production and is located just an hour and a half from the Mercedes headquarters in Stuttgart and the main AMG workshop in neighboring Affalterbach. But although the assembly of its 12-cylinder engines is being moved, it will still be carried out under the "one man, one engine" philosophy that sees each motor built from start to finish by one highly skilled and specially trained AMG technician.

The move will give AMG the capacity to build more of its V12 engines. But it will also make use of excess capacity at the Mannheim plant, and allow the Affalterbach site to use the space and technicians freed up by the V12 move to focus instead on V8s. Those concerned about AMG's ability to maintain its levels of quality and performance at a remote location might note that production of its turbocharged four-cylinder engines for the A45, CLA45, and GLA45 models is already carried out by MDC Power GmbH, a Daimler subsidiary in Kölleda, using the same philosophy.

AMG's current 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine produces a massive 621 horsepower and an even more impressive 738 pound-feet of torque. It's used in the SL65 roadster, G65 sport-ute, and S65 coupe and sedan... and maybe soon in the S65 cabrio as well. Come to think of it, a twelve-cylinder version of the new GLS seems like a good idea, too. And though Aston Martin is contracted to use AMG's eight-cylinder engines, the added capacity could get the creative juices from Gaydon flowing as well.

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Affalterbach. Due to strong demand for its high-performance automobiles, Mercedes-AMG is to start the assembly of its 12-cylinder engines in a new location at Daimler's site in Mannheim. The traditional AMG "one man, one engine" philosophy continues to hold true: each powerful AMG engine will be built completely by hand by just one engine fitter. The employees who currently assemble 12-cylinder engines at the AMG headquarters in Affalterbach will be shifted to the eight-cylinder engine lines.

Mercedes-AMG will use available capacities at the Daimler site in Mannheim to expand its engine production: assembly of the V12 biturbo engines will start there in February 2016. "Due to the strong demand for our automobiles, our production capacities at the Affalterbach engine production facility are fully utilised," said Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. "Supplying our customers as fast as possible is highly important to us. We do not have any possibilities for expansion in Affalterbach at present, so we have decided to transfer the assembly of the 12-cylinder engines to the Daimler site in Mannheim."

In Affalterbach, production of V8 engines will be expanded in the space freed. The employees who have until now assembled V12 engines will work on V8 production. A separate assembly line will be set up in Mannheim for V12 engines from AMG. The site there will be renovated and prepared for the new requirements.

As is the case at the AMG site in Affalterbach (production of V8 engines) and the Mercedes-Benz engine facility MDC Power in Kölleda, Thüringen (production of four-cylinder engines), each engine made in Mannheim will be assembled by just one mechanic. The modern layout in Mannheim will be adapted in terms of logistics and ergonomics to the AMG manufacturing principle of "one man, one engine." Each engine fitter vouches for quality and exclusivity with his or her signature, which is displayed on a plate affixed to the engine. The already highly qualified employees from Mannheim have been trained for their new tasks for several weeks in Affalterbach.

The 12-cylinder engines will continue to be developed at AMG headquarters in Affalterbach. They are used in the high-performance Mercedes-AMG S 65, S 65 Coupé, G 65 and SL 65.

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