Last year's Recoil 2 video of BJ Baldwin blasting through the outskirts of Ensenada, Mexico, in his trophy truck was already a fantastic improvement over the original clip. For the third installment in the series, he and his amazing camera team somehow turn up the excitement even higher.

Rather than going back to the desert, Baldwin heads into the woods of the Pacific Northwest for some Sasquatch hunting in Recoil 3. Not only is the mythical beast quite real in this video, but it's apparently quite good at piloting a side-by-side too. The result is a high-speed chase through the forest that eventually moves to the urban jungle. Like in the previous Recoil clips, Baldwin showcases his amazing control over the 800-horsepower truck, and the suspension soaks up serious punishment from some huge jumps. The cinematography makes the stunts look even more exhilarating by always showing the perfect angle of the action.

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