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The List #0026: Go Karting

From Sport Karts To Shifters, Jessi And Patrick Get Schooled In The Art Of The Kart

The List hosts Jessi and Patrick head to CalSpeed Karting in Fontana, CA to try their hand at shifter kart racing. But first they get schooled in the basics, from "arrive and drive" sport karts to more powerful "touch and go" single-speed TAG karts.

"I can completely understand why this is a prelude to Formula One," said Jessi, after hopping out of the TAG kart. "You can feel the G-forces in the turns and you can feel the getup coming out of the turns. It is so much fun."

It all leads up to the ultimate in karting: the 125cc shifter kart. With a top speed of 120 miles per hour, the shifter is no toy.

"When you do open it up, my god, it goes fast," said Patrick. "This is insane."

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