Mercedes is bringing a new concept car – or concept something at any rate – to the Tokyo Motor Show this year. The upscale German automaker is not telling us much about its latest show car at this point. However, it has released the solitary teaser image above to keep us on our toes for a little while longer.

Billed as "a vision for future generations," the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo concept appears to take the form of some sort of futuristic minivan - the kind you'd expect to see in some movie set years from now. Beyond that, we don't know much, but the Silver Star automaker describes the creation as "autonomous, luxurious and progressive" all at once. Expect it, then, to build on the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept presented at the beginning of the year at the Detroit Auto Show, and adopt an equally unusual silhouette, propelling itself (and its blissful occupants) in a self-driving cocoon of high-tech luxury. Don't be surprised to find some sort of alternative propulsion under the hood as well, be it a hybrid, full electric, or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

The Tokyo show is typically populated mostly by Japanese automakers and their latest wares, and with so many of the country's own manufacturers lining up new debuts, this edition will be no exception. This year's expo, though, also appears to be attracting some foreign attention. In addition to this Mercedes concept, Mini will be showcasing its new convertible model for the first time at the show. Watch this space for more on the Benz concept as well as our full coverage of the show from our team of editors on the ground at the Tokyo Big Sight exposition center.

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