Watch Tesla's Autopilot feature drive itself on a highway

The major benefit of Tesla's over-the-air updates is that vehicles out in the real world in the hands of consumers can constantly improve. Owners should see a major upgrade when the version 7.0 software starts rolling out on October 15. Among the cutting-edge features on the way for some owners are things like Autopilot parking, highway auto-steer, and autonomous lane changing. A handful of testers already have the tech, and at least one person has shared how it works on video.

Set to some mellow music, the driver turns on Autopilot and then goes hands free. The switchover is seamless, and the Model S handles the challenge of driving itself on the highway with aplomb. As expected, changing lanes is as simple as moving the stalk. Unfortunately seeing the tech work sometimes difficult in this video, as it was shot at night and is occasionally blurry.

One day, Elon Musk wants Autopilot to be able to learn as it drives and become an even better system. Until then, Tesla's 7.0 update is just the latest step as automakers work towards fully autonomous driving.

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