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Tesla Autopilot has gone live for select beta testers

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Tesla's latest step towards autonomous electric vehicles has gone live. The new autopilot software update, which ads highway autosteer and parallel autopark for the first time, has been sent out to a small group of Model S drivers. These new options don't make the cars drive themselves, but they do move a few more controls from the human behind the wheel to the software.

Tesla's new Autopilot software does some things that other high-tech cars can also do. It can attempt to keep the car in its lane and keep a set distance between the Model S and the car in front by braking and accelerating when appropriate. Some of this is known as the Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC), which was first sent out in January. The current version is Autopilot 7.0.

Tesla has been clear that it's not ready to let the cars take over all of the driving decisions just yet. To engage the autopassing function, for example, drivers will need to manually use the turn signal. As the technology continues to evolve, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said, the cars will be able to learn from each other and offer more features. He did not give out any details of how that would work, but we know that Tesla likes to keep these sorts of beta technologies behind closed doors. Teslarati says that beta test drivers rarely discuss their experiences because doing so can get you kicked out of the program. Despite this, if you're one of the lucky Model S autopilot beta drivers and want to share, please do so in the Comments, below.

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