The VW diesel scandal is now a Halloween costume

Can't figure out what costume to wear at your upcoming Halloween party? Love cars? Have a bunch of auto enthusiast friends who appreciate a super timely joke? Well, fear not. You're set for this season. presents the VW Diesel Scandal costume, complete with toxic gas mask, fuel canister, and a cute little car blowing a plume of smoke. It's a full do-it-yourself job, and the site shows all of the necessary parts you'll need to make your very own scandalous outfit. And no, we aren't sure why the male model isn't wearing a shirt.

"I'm a car guy and a Passat driver before it broke down, so I never wanted to make light of the VW scandal. I actually really like the brand,"'s Marlon Heimerl tells Autoblog. "But I'm also an environmentalist and marketing manager for a Halloween company. So fair is fair, just doing our job."

"The biggest news stories and scandals in particular always find their way to the top of the list for the topical costumes of the year," HC's vice president of marketing, Troy Eaves, writes to Autoblog. "Sure, car scandals happen all the time, but on a much smaller scale both in terms of the total number of cars effected, and the actual parts in question are usually replaceable through a recall. This one was much larger scale, affected millions of consumers, and the damage can't really be undone. This rings 'big costume' for the Halloween industry."

Credit where credit is due, this is pretty funny. Now, bring on the Sexy VW Diesel Scandal treatment.

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