Tesla Model X video shows towing, Falcon doors in action

Tesla hosted the launch of its Model X last night, giving a few lucky, expectant folks a look at one possible future for electric crossovers. The sleek CUV is still out on the roads testing, and two different people who know what they were looking at caught it in video in two new poses.

The first shows the Model X pulling a trailer, starting from standstill at a red light and accelerating. Teslarati figures the cargo for a seven-foot by twelve-foot trailer that normally comes in around 2,800 pounds. Even if you drop that weight by more than 25 percent and figure the trailer is an even ton, the way the Model X pulls from the light is a good sign for those who want to use their people carrier to carry things other than people. We look forward to finding out what the official rating is and how towing affects range. You can watch the get-up-and-go in the video above.

The second video is of one of the Model X falcon doors opening and closing. We're not sure how this one went down, since it appears to occur in the parking lot of the Tesla facility in Fremont. Another question here concerns what the driver had to do to close the door - instead of shutting completely on its own, the door gets almost all the way and then the driver gives it little shove to finish sealing. We have a feeling that won't be the production-ready method. Check it out in the video below.

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