Exotic cars caught on video racing on neighborhood streets in Beverly Hills

A pair of supercars caught on camera racing around a quiet Beverly Hills neighborhood last week has residents fearing for their safety. The video shows a white Porsche 911 and a yellow Ferrari LaFerrari as they clipped parked cars and blew through stop signs while residents of the upscale community watched in horror.

Freelance cameraman Jacob Rogers shot the video of the supercar shenanigans. He later confronted a man outside the house where the Ferrari eventually parked. He asked the man if he cared that he was endangering people's lives. The man became combative and claimed he had diplomatic immunity.

"He told me verbatim, 'I could have you killed and get away with it,'" Rogers told NBC Los Angeles. "I told him, 'the press is allowed to be here on the sidewalk on a public street.' He said, '(Expletive) America' and threw a cigarette at me." The Ferrari's plates are from the oil-rich country of Qatar. The race ended with the Ferrari pulling into the driveway of a $45,000-per-month rental home, its engine compartment smoking. Police can be seen arriving in the neighborhood.

Los Angeles police are currently investigating the incident. Even though the LaFerrari was still smoking when police arrived they haven't filed charges because no officer witnessed the illegal activities. When police approached the owner of the vehicle he denied doing anything illegal and again claimed diplomatic immunity. Police told NBC they are in contact with the State Department about the man's diplomatic status and the legality of the cars in the neighborhood.

Beverly Hills isn't the only swanky zip code plague by hotshot supercar owners. Some of the most expensive homes in London can be found In the Knightsbridge neighborhood - and some of the most expensive cars as well. This summer, the local council of Knightsbridge and nearby Chelsea began exploring a Public Space Protection Order that would fine drivers who rev their engines, drag race on residential streets or blare music, according to Reuters UK.

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