Jay Leno drives Joe Rogan's '65 Chevy Corvette restomod

Restomod classics often look great rolling down the road, but they can be an absolute mess underneath. That's the problem comedian Joe Rogan discovered after purchasing his 1965 Corvette convertible that was already extensively modified. Once work began to improve it further, some serious issues were discovered. Now, Rogan's rejuvenated 'Vette has received a thorough update on the latest, extra-long edition of Jay Leno's Garage.

Rogan's additional upgrades include a new interior and adding nacelles behind the seats. Power is up thanks to a supercharger for the LS1 V8. Now only do you get to hear the engine roar, but Leno and Rogan also take the convertible for a long ride in the Los Angeles hills. They reminisce about liking cars as kids, the current state of General Motors, and Rogan's work with the UFC. Leno also shares a funny story about a confusing discussion with Marlon Brando. With the beautiful 'Vette and the great conversation, there's a lot here to like.

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