Uber is currently the titan controlling the ridesharing landscape, thanks to a value of over $50 billion and astonishingly rapid growth. However, many traditional taxi drivers around the world consider the company their absolute worst enemy, particularly in New York City. Those cabbies are now getting a chance to fight back against their nemesis with a new smartphone app on iOS and Android called Arro. It's currently beta testing in 7,000 vehicles in the Big Apple, and a public launch is imminent.

The company's tech essentially takes many of Uber's strengths but blends them with a traditional cab. Users can see taxis nearby and call one at the press of a button. With their credit card info already entered, a rider can just walk away with everything paid for at the end of a trip. Also, If a person hailed a participating vehicle from the street, the app can be used to handle the fare. Plus, Arro touts that unlike Uber, there's never any surge pricing with its service.

Making all of this possible is that Arro has a deal with the company that controls the payment systems in about half of the city's cabs, according to Crain's. The app's creators are also negotiating with the business that supplies the rest to eventually be available in every taxi in the city. While New York is the focus for the launch, Arro eventually wants to grow elsewhere, too. It could be a way for the nation's cabbies to push back a little against Uber's expansion. You can check out the service's promo video, below.

Arro - E-Hail With No Surge Pricing from Corbin Visual on Vimeo.

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