You guys, there's a Citroen Cactus convertible concept

"On September 2nd, the surfboards will be in full motion." That's the super vague message we have from Citroën accompanying the photos you see here. But look closely, check out that badge, and read some other reports from around the web, and you'll come to the same conclusion I did: Citroën is making a Cactus convertible. And it's going to be super rad.

Dubbed "Cactus M," the concept looks to be a beach cruiser-type thing, complete with a two-door configuration, wood accents, and lots of room for sun and surfboards. The funky nature of the C4 Cactus – which I love, in case you don't remember – should lend itself nicely to this concept.

Look for the full images and details to drop next Wednesday, and I assume Citroën will show the Cactus M at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple weeks. (I'm going to Frankfurt, by the way, so I apologize in advance to my Twitter/ Instagram followers for the incoming Cactus overload.) Of course, there's no chance in hell of this thing ever coming Stateside, even if it would look great parked along a sunny beach. "California Dreamin'," indeed.

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