As governor of Wisconsin, now-Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker went on record in political radio ads and blog posts from 2006 opposing federal and state mandates concerning the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). He wrote, "Mandates on individuals and businesses are bad for job growth and prosperity," and, "The recent legislation to impose a mandate on the use of ethanol is a good example," and said, "Mandates hurt Wisconsin's working families, and whether they are from Washington or Madison, we as fiscal conservatives should oppose them."

However, during a sit-down session at the Iowa Ag Summit on March 7, 2015 Walker told the obviously pro-ethanol crowd, "It's an access issue... I'm willing to go forward on continuing the Renewable Fuel Standard and pressing the EPA to make sure there's certainty in terms of the blend levels set." He did clarify the seemingly contrary position with, "my goal would be to get to a point where we directly address those market access issues and I think that's a part of the challenge. So that eventually you didn't need to have a standard." Eventually. In the long-term.

When asked further about it by media who said it appeared he was flip-flopping on his previous ethanol stance and pandering to farmers, Walker responded that he's being consistent and that he envisions a two-year horizon for addressing the "market access" issues and eliminating a mandate. That two-year period would give the industry and farmers a chance to adjust to a life without an ethanol requirement. He'll have to become president for us to see if he can pull it off, but that two-year window for shutting down an expansive, government regulated multi-billion-dollar industry already fighting against such moves sounds a tad bit optimistic.

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