Immortus solar EV will have unlimited range, not unlimited speed

Australian Solar Car Could Keep Going, And Going, And Going

If you like your EVs all render-y, vague and futuristic, then you're going to love the Immortus. As the name suggests, the Immortus is a solar-powered electric vehicle that's designed to have unlimited range as long as the sun shines. The company behind the car, EVX Ventures, says the Immortus was, "inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies." So, basically, if the world were full of these cars, there would be no need for all that glorious-looking violence from Mad Max: Fury Road. In other words, it's a trade-off.

For a rendered concept, the two-seat Immortus does have some specific numbers. It's long and wide (five meters by two meters), which offers up space for seven square meters of solar panels. EVX says that silicon cell efficiency is 22 percent, and all of the collected energy goes into a 10-kWh lithium battery. The quarter-ton Immortus moves from power put out by 20-kW hub motors in each of the rear wheels. The car is supposed to be able to go to 100 kilometers an hour (62 miles per hour) in under seven seconds and, if the battery is full, it can go 550 km ( 340 miles) at an average of 85 kph (53 mph). To get to the unlimited range, you need not only the sun but also a light foot, since that ability needs an average speed of just 60 kmh (37 mph). The people who came up with this technology are not novices to the solar car world, since some of them are world solar challenge racers from the Aurora Solar Car Team who have, "the experience of what it takes to drive a solar car across a continent." EVX co-founder and CEO Barry Nguyen told Gizmag that he's not trying to mass produce these cars, but to make them in limited numbers specifically for customers. Each one will cost around $370,000.

The Immortus comes to us from the home of the original Mad Max films, Australia. As fanciful as this idea is, EVX says that its ultimate vision is, "to make self-powering cars the future of transportation," so expect at least some sort of real-world action to get the Immortus on the road. When? Well, let's just say we're stocking up on old vehicles and giant guitar amps to put on top of them for now.

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