The National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that the driver of a Walmart semi was at fault for the fatal accident that killed comic James McNair and seriously injured 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan.

According to Reuters, the NTSB's review concluded that the driver of the semi, Kevin Roper, had driven 800 miles before even reaching Walmart's distribution center and at the time of the crash, he had been up for 28 hours straight. As previously reported, Roper also failed to wear a seat belt and was traveling 20 miles per hour above the 45-mph speed limit when he hit the tour van carrying Morgan and six others. Only one of the van's occupants was wearing a seat belt, which contributed to Morgan's severe injuries and McNair's death.

The van in question had also been modified, and that there were "no available exits until emergency responders removed part of a plywood panel that had been installed between the passenger compartment and the cab," NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said. Morgan, McNair, and the other occupants were trapped for up to 40 minutes after the crash.

Reuters reports that the NTSB has advised Walmart to revamp its fatigue management programs for its truck drivers. As for Roper, he's been charged with vehicular homicide and assault by auto.

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