Watch a 110-year-old French car blast around Goodwood

When French carmaker Pierre-Alexandre Darracq wanted some publicity, he teamed up with German engineer and joint-venture partner Adam Opel to create the Darracq 200 in 1905. The 200 refers to the amount of horsepower erupting from the 25.4-liter V8 that was bolted to a C-beam ladder frame chassis. Intended to break speed records, it was a whippet platform for holding an engine, two seat, and four wheels. And it was fast, Paul Baras, Louis Chevrolet, and Victor Demegeot driving it to record velocities in three countries.

Mark Walker drove the Darracq 200 up the hill at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed. He didn't set any speed records, but he did something those daredevil pilots from 110 years ago didn't have to do: he cornered, and what's more, he drifted through corners. While Walker worked the wheel and tested slip angles left and right, he and his co-pilot leaned into each turn with no protection from bodywork or seat belts. At one point, the protective hay bales lining the road become the most menacing thing on it.

And even though the speedster is more than a century old, the video of the run needs no fancy edits to show off Walker's speed. The guy is moving. Check it out above.

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