Ram granted patent for in-bed ramp system

  • Image Credit: Ram
Most of the patent filings we report on these days are of a pretty high-tech nature: everything from "humanized" navigation systems to 11-speed transmissions. But cool innovations can be lower-tech and clever, too. At least that's our feeling after seeing some proposed plans from Ram.

FCA has filed a patent for a system of built-in ramps recessed inside of a truck bed. While stowable ramps aren't new – Ford offers a similar system for the F-150 ­– the level of integration shown in these diagrams seems to be. Drawings show ramps that run on channels in the bed and tailgate, hinged at the end of the extended gate for a gentle upslope into the cargo area. What's more, the system seems changeable, with two ramps set wide or narrow, or just one centrally mounted. Just the thing for switching from motorcycle-loading season to snowmobile-loading season.

A granted patent doesn't always lead to a product brought to market, of course. Issues with cost, durability, and demand all have a lot to say about what makes it from design to showroom. Still, we think the proposed RamRamp (feel free to use that, FCA) shows a ton of promise. Speak up truck owners, is a factory-installed ramp system like the one you see here something you'd pay for on your next vehicle? Get into Comments, below, and let us know.

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