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Segways are a bit like pajamas. Some of us would like to go around town wearing them, and may even convince ourselves that we should. But at the end of the day, most of us would be embarrassed to be seen as that lazy. This creation, however, is a more like wearing your Halloween costume to work: too strange to bother with embarrassment.

Created by American inventor Izzy Swan, this innovative mobility contraption has a pair of wheels at the front, but the really interesting part is at the back. That's where you'll see a pair of hinged mechanical legs that roughly resemble the hind limbs on a dog or a big cat. Though painted in a metallic silver, the legs are actually made of wood and were handcrafted by Swan. The design was inspired by Theo Jansen, the Dutch artist responsible for all manner of whacky wooden wind-powered walking machines strolling up and down the beaches of the Netherlands like Da Vinci's sketches come to life.

Swan's resulting invention may not look as comfortable to ride around in as a Segway, or a Rascal for that matter, but it's a heck of a lot cooler. It can impressively handle a payload of up to 370 pounds, and perhaps best of all, the whole thing is motivated by a power drill. That's right, just an ordinary 20-volt DeWalt drill, like you could pick up and carry home from any hardware store. Only this one picks you up and carries you home.

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