Nearly 4 million people ride the London Underground every day. Think about that number for a second – more people ride the Tube in 24 hours than live in every American city but New York (note: we're talking cities proper here, not full metropolitan areas). Now, imagine what would happen if all those people were suddenly without their go-to source of transportation. That was London today.

Wednesday night, the London Underground went on strike, its workers walking off the job over concerns about new nightly services, Wired reports. Today? Unmitigated chaos. As evidenced by the TomTom traffic report shown below, traffic was a nightmare during the evening rush hour (that shot is from 5:40 p.m. local time, or 12:40 p.m. on America's east coast).

According to Wired, there were nearly 1,500 "congestion hotspots," after Travel For London, the government overseer for the city's public transit, increased the number of buses on the road to pick up the Tube's slack. That plan quite clearly backfired, though, as TomTom indicated some 833 miles of traffic jams, or tailbacks, as Wired described them. Gridlock then, was the order of the day for some 8.6 million Britons.

Check out the map from TomTom, below. And maybe don't whine when your next commute takes an extra five to ten minutes.

TomTom London Traffic

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