It's barely been a month since we released our review on Project CARS, and already, developers Slightly Mad Studios is preparing a sequel. It'll use the same crowd-funding formula that put together such a successful game this time around. The sequel was announced on the World of Mass Development portal, the same source of crowdfunding for the first Project CARS.

Among the enhancements Slightly Mad is planning, there's the usual promise of more tracks and cars, but what we're really looking forward to is the news hidden in that promise. Project CARS 2 will boast bigger, more exciting forms of racing, including rallycross. In total, there will be over "50 unique locations and 200+ courses," "8 different disciplines," and "200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars." Yes, this all sounds very good.

Project CARS 2 will also add a new customizable test track feature, and there will be an increased emphasis on both co-op and social gameplay and "skill and behavioral-based matchmaking" in online play. The crowdfunding campaign for the new title is currently underway, although it's unclear when we'll get a planned release date.

As for our own wish list, it's remarkably short. We'd like a more fully fleshed out career mode, actual vehicle upgrades and customization options, and a genuine economy would be welcomed additions. Part of the fun of racing titles is working up the coin to acquire new and exciting cars. It's not that we mind full access to the game's entire roster of vehicles, we just wish that in the career mode, there was a bit more planning and challenge to getting ahold of new racers. In short, we want the best parts of Forza Motorsport with combined with the best parts of Project CARS. Oh, and if the frame-rate issues we experienced on the Xbox One could be sorted out too.

What would you like to see included in Project CARS 2? Perhaps cleaner menus? A better soundtrack? Have your say down in Comments. Until then, check out the launch announcement over at WMD.

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