Federal investigators interview GM CEO Mary Barra

General Motors CEO Mary Barra confirmed that the Justice Department interviewed her last year as part of sweeping investigations into ignition switch recalls that have been blamed for 111 deaths so far. The Detroit News reports the question was posed to Barra amid reports that the US Attorney's Office is looking into charges of wire fraud.

"It is their timeline," Barra told The News about the timing of any potential criminal charges from the Department of Justice. "We are going to continue to cooperate to the fullest extent we can. But beyond that, I think anything else is pure speculation and it does no one any good."

While we can expect a decision from the DoJ on criminal charges and/or a fine in excess of the $1.2-billion payment demanded from Toyota for its unintended acceleration fiasco by the end of summer, GM is prepared for both possibilities, The News reports.

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