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The complete story of electric motorcycles gets Kickstarted

Book Will Detail History And Its Affect On Motorsports Today

When the Killacycle – a drag racing electric motorcycle legend from the dawn of the lithium age – sent up clouds of smoke before a record-setting run back in 2006, it wasn't just the rear tire that lit up. The rubber-vaporizing event also sparked the curiosity and imagination of many who viewed the astonishing video. One of those was rider and writer Ted Dillard.

Since that time, Dillard has plunged deeply into the world of battery-powered bikes. He started a website dedicated to them, built several for himself, and then wrote a book explaining how you could, too. Now, he's decided to take all these years of exploration and discovery and create a book that details the complete story of electric motorcycles, and more.

Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles will be a full color volume in both soft and hard cover (and digital, of course) editions detailing the story of these new bikes and how their rise intersects and conspires with motorsports, innovation, and renewable energy. To get started, Dillard has decided to go the Kickstarter route, and has received a pretty positive initial reaction, with his project reaching the 25 percent funding mark on its first day. You can watch his pitch in the video above and check out the crowdfunding campaign here.

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