Spirit Lake Cycles brings a new look to vintage BMW bikes

It doesn't take a lot of room to work on motorcycles. In fact, Spirit Lake Cycles, which gets the spotlight in the latest video from Petrolicious, started out of a kitchen. Now, this two-man operation has created a small business to bring a custom look to vintage BMWs.

The company is best known for a bike that it calls the CBMW. Based on an R90/6, the name comes from the cycle's Honda-sourced fuel tank. The streamlined design and white pinstripes lend the look of one of the Bavarian brand's own early creations, but the chopped fenders and under-seat exhaust show a much more modern style.

Spirit Lake Cycles doesn't always go for such a highly modified design, though. The other cycles that Petrolicous highlights, including a gorgeous BMW R90S, appear far closer to stock than the show bike. The company says its motorcycles are meant to be ridden, and you can see the proof of that in this video.

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