Watch Sebastien Loeb tackle the Nurburgring

Having won the World Rally Championship a frankly astonishing nine times, Sébastien Loeb doesn't have much left to prove, but he keeps seeking new challenges anyway. He demolished the Pikes Peak record two years ago, won the Race of Champions three times, and made a pretty good run at the Goodwood record, too. But now he's up for an entirely different challenge: the Green Hell.

This weekend the World Touring Car Championship marks its (hopefully) triumphant return to the Nürburgring, bringing Loeb along with it. To the best of our knowledge, it'll be the first time he'll be racing at the famously grueling circuit, so he'll need to practice – and practice he has, as you can see from this latest video. It's split between in-car footage showing Loeb working the wheel (and that rally-style shifter) in his Citroën C-Elysée WTCC and the resulting pace across the track.

Don't be fooled by the video's start – the WTCC will be using a combination of the grand prix circuit and the legendary Nordschleife. (We've also included a second video below of the French team practicing at the track last week.) And as you can see, Séb's giving it his all.

Considering that Citroën is the defending champion and has won every race this season but one (with Loeb having already taken first blood), we'd say he has a fighting chance of claiming the checkered flag in at least one of the two races they'll be running there. But in order to do so, he'll have to contend with his own teammates – defending champion José María López and four-time champ Yvan Muller – to say nothing of the rest of the field, including one Sabine Schmitz.

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