Translogic 176: Rocket Mobility Tomahawk all-terrain wheelchair

Translogic heads to Lincoln, NE to check out the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk, an all-terrain tracked wheelchair that can help people with disabilities get out to explore the trails. We chat with Rocket Mobility President Brice Crawford, then go for a ride with Tomahawk user Alex McKiernan.

"I was amazed at how fast they were," said McKiernan. "We were whipping donuts in a little bit of snow and slush."

The Tomahawk is propelled by a set of 2,880-watt electric motors and is available with an optional racing seat and five-point harness. With a top speed of six miles per hour and a go-anywhere track system, the Tomahawk will open a new level of accessibility to wheelchair users that has previously been confined to paved roads and smooth surfaces.

Watch as host Jonathon Buckley puts the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk to the test in this episode of Translogic.


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