Yup, Norway is about done with some EV incentives

Tax Breaks, Free Parking, Bus Lane Access May Be Short-Lived

The plug-in vehicle party may not be over in Norway, but it is approaching the proverbial last call. With a glut of hydroelectric power and an ambitious, pro-green government, Norway had enacted a bunch of plug-in vehicle incentives that were geared to get 50,000 plug-ins on the country's roads by 2017. Well, they just hit that threshold, according to UK's Telegraph.

But now some members of the government are saying these perks have cost the country too much money, and many of those incentives could soon disappear. That means electric-vehicle owners may have to pay full boat on vehicle-registration fees by 2020. Tax exemptions will dwindle. And many local governments will have the right to revoke the special parking and bus-lane driving privileges afforded to many a Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S driver. And, yes, those two models sold rather well over there.

We reported late last month that Norway was on the verge of reaching its plug-in vehicle sales target about two years early. And with some in the government estimating that all these EV perks may be bilking the country's government out of a half-billion dollars a year, that tailwind on Norway EV sales is about to subside.

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