Hoons off-road in a lowrider Monte Carlo in latest Roadkill video

Specialization keeps the automotive world interesting because it creates all sorts of fun niches. For example, if you like hot rods, you can dive deep into the world of rat rods or just focus on cars with a more traditional look. In some cases the myriad styles don't mix very well, of course, and the folks at Roadkill are proving that on video by attempting to take a lowrider Chevrolet Monte Carlo from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on dirt.

As you might expect, forcing a lowrider off-road doesn't go well, but the stunt makes for a great chronicle of dumb, automotive fun. Other than some repairs to get the Monte Carlo roadworthy, the only modification here is a set of knobby tires to achieve at least a modicum of traction on the loose rocks. Although, no matter what they do, at the even lowest speeds the hosts inside are still bounced around like they're in an inflatable castle at a kid's birthday party. Still, the guys are clearly amused by it all.

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