Tesla starts selling used Model S EVs online

Big Savings Not Readily Available

Tesla is emerging from the fringes of the industry as a scrappy startup into a full-fledged automaker. As part of the shift for the electric carmaker, that means offering pre-owned vehicles. And as we've been expecting for some time now, that's exactly what Tesla has launched.

Go to the Tesla website now and you'll find a whole new section listing pre-owned examples of the Model S. They each come with a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty and are – in typical Tesla fashion – being sold directly by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately they don't represent a huge savings, so if you were hoping this would be your golden opportunity to snap up a Model S at a substantial discount, better check in with reality: the very cheapest example we found was a 2013 Model S 60 in Chicago with over 18,000 miles on the odometer. It's selling for $60,850 when a brand new (and more powerful) 70D goes for $75,000 – plus $1,200 destination but before the $7,500 federal tax credit. That brings the actual cost of a new entry-level Model S 70D to $68,700, so even the least expensive example will only save you less than eight grand, but with mileage and reduced performance to take into account. A top-of-the-line P85+ lists for as much as $96,750 used, compared to the $98,700 adjusted price of a new P85D.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the used examples we're seeing on the Tesla website now are units that owners traded in for the newer all-wheel-drive models, but that they'll be joined by off-lease examples in the future. They're only being offered in certain select markets, namely Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Florida, Hawaii, LA, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and DC, as well as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. (Tesla has yet to roll out its pre-owned program in markets overseas.) Buyers who select a pre-owned Tesla in their area will reportedly be invited to either pick it up at a local storage facility or have their used Model S delivered to them.

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