Philip Glenister, Guy Martin and Jodie Kidd to host new Top Gear? [w/poll]

Just what will become of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May remains a big question mark, but it looks like their time in the Top Gear studio has come to an end. The BBC, for its part, isn't likely to simply shut down one of its most popular brands. So odds are good that it'll line up a new roster of presenters to host the next iteration of the show. And according the UK's Daily Express, the network has already lined up Philip Glenister, Guy Martin and Jodie Kidd for the job.

The lineup was reportedly overheard being communicated by the show's outgoing longtime producer Andy Wilman to Jamiroquai frontman, automotive enthusiast and repeat Top Gear guest Jay Kay over lunch in Sussex. The notion that a reporter just happened to be within earshot of the two when the topic came up seems a bit of a stretch to us, so we'll take this all with a grain of salt or two. But supposing for a moment that there's truth in the report, just who are we talking about, anyway?

The figures may be more recognizable to British audiences than Americans, but they each carry their own degree of celebrity. Glenister is an actor best known for playing detectives on TV - particularly as Gene Hunt on the popular show Life on Mars (produced by and broadcast on the BBC, naturally). Meanwhile Guy Martin is a motorcycle racer (in events like the Isle of Man TT) and TV show host for programs on Channel 4 as well as the BBC. And Jodie Kidd... well, Jodie Kidd should need no introduction: she's our favorite supermodel, sometime Maserati racing driver and co-host of The Classic Car Show on Channel 5.

Of course we'll have to wait to find out if this lineup comes to fruition, but if it did, what would you think of it?

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